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Double Helix working Guide

Reduction Guide

for Aion 2, Elektra 2, Gaia, Kronos 2, Nyx, Psyche


1. Always use adequate ventilation.


2. Shape you piece in a neutral flame. (shortest yellow candle)


3. To begin the reduction process; remove your piece from the flame and allow to cool until no longer glowing hot.


4. Set a slightly reducing flame by turning your propane up.

(longer yellow candles)


5. Pass your piece through the reduction flame for a few seconds.

(time to reduce varies by color)


6. Remove your piece from the flame and check the reduction progress.
7. To further reduce the piece repeat steps 5-6.


*Clean off undesired results in an oxygen rich flame.


*Hot head users can produce a reduction flame by

temporarily covering the air inlet holes with an

aluminum foil collar or hot pad



Nortel Minor Burner set to a slight reduction flame

Striking Guide

for Khaos, Luna 2, Terra and Terranova 2

1. Always use adequate ventilation.

2. Work in a hot neutral flame.*

(shortest yellow candles and no streaks)

3. To begin striking; allow the piece to cool until no longer glowing hot.

4. Gently reheat.**

5. Anneal at 940F.

*Working too cool can result in milky colors.

**Multiple heating/cooking cycles can further develop the color, though a single cycle of the right durations yields the brightest colors.





Tips for specific colors:


Aion- Works best over dark colors.


Gaia- Gaia has a short striking time. In just a few passes in the reduction flame she'll strike fully.


Elektra- She's nearly impossible to overstrike. Almost the opposite from Gaia, you can have her in a reduction flame for longer periods of time and she'll just get redder.


Nyx- Can also be struck in the kiln. Depending on placement, time and temperature, Nyx will fade through a series of blues.


Triton- To get the mulit-colored satin effect try reducing at the tip of a larger reduction flame, let cool, and briefly reheat at the tip of the reduction flame again. Triton will also make a beautiful mother of pearl effect when reduced first and then encased under clear.
Pandora- A kiln striking color. There is no need to try flame striking her. We recommend annealing at 1000 F for 1 hour or at your regular temperature for a longer period. You can also put it in for multiple annealing cycles.




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